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The Art Hotel  - Coming Soon!

Margeaux Kurtie Modern Art has relocated to 39 Yerba Buena, Po Box 39 in the historic frontier village of Cerrillos New Mexico. We are presently renovating our new gallery space in conjuction with the remodel of an 1800's Victorian manor soon to be The Art Hotel. We will offer 4 suites with in-room claw foot tubs, breakfast, spa amenities , horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking in the Cerrillos Hills Park a 3000+ acre historic mining Park adjacent to the estate. Each suite will be curated with original works by gallery artists , Regional Artists, and National Artists as well as handcrafted furniture and fixtures by metal, wood and glass artists. Studio Tours will be available on a weekly basis, as well as Artist dialogues and Artist in Residence. We hope you will be able to join us for the Summer of 2005.




Thomas St. Thomas

Having painted for over 20 years, Thomas St. Thomas
has created a metaphorical language that speaks to the
viewer through his narrative imagery. Wonderful
balance of brilliant color, lyrical line and narrative,
masterfully placed with-in handmade paper collage to canvas,
create a whimsical, romantic world that  speaks
 of personal narrative, and relates to the viewer on a very
personal level as well. The "Mortal Coil" series.










Jason Godeke

Focusing on acts perpetrated by men against men,
and are in part the result of a psychopathic insecurity
felt by the perpetrators. One can begin to see these
actors as movements of emotion, internal impulses.
One is then both the victim and the perpetrator...






Gina Garan 

Gina Garan , a New York based artist, has
chosen the "Blythe doll", as her focus for
obsession. Gina clothes and places Blythe
in "To scale", dioramas. These cryptic
images become a reflection of society.


Kim MacConnel

A key figure in the Decorative Pattern movement, that
stemmed out of New York in the 1970"s, has been
reviewed by Time Magazine, Newsweek,
 USA Today, The New York Times, Art In America...
McConnel has exhibited in such prestigious Institutions
 as: The Whitney Museum of American Art,
The Museum of Modern Art, The National Gallery...
A considerable force in Contemporary Art , As we know it today.



Jeffery Laudenslager

Using illusion, movement and perception of space in
combinations which slightly bend our normal experience
 of space and mass, Jeffery creates a broad range of
three-dimensional sculpture. Working primarily in stainless
 steel and titanium, Jeffery's kinetic pieces, with their
unpredictable movements, are captivating yet contemplative.
 Jeffery's 34' kinetic sculpture, "Archimage", located in
 Del Mar California won the coveted Orchid Award in 1999.
 Laudenslager works are in the permanent collection
of the Scripps Hospital, Memorial Sculpture Park in
La Jolla CA., and the San Diego International Airport,
                                               as well as in other public and private collections worldwide.




Gary Groves

Influenced by Man Ray, Jean Tingueley, Imogen
Cunningham among others, Gary Groves' works
incite and alludes to a reality that is at
the same time familiar and phantasmal. Blending
colorist elements with striking composition,
Gary Groves' works haunt the sub-conscience
with unforgettable imagery.








Robert Mangold

I am fascinated by man-made mechanical,
quasimechanical and electromechanical time, space,
motion as I am by the dynamic and energetic activities
of nature. All this constantly colors my personality and
affects my ego. I incorporate my deep awareness of
the simple nature of  complex existence into my
understanding  of man's efforts and success in
controlling nature. Robert Mangold has exhibited
Internationally, his works are collected Internationally,
           including the White House Sculpture Garden.






Deanne Sabeck

Exploring the pure nature of light. Creating sculptural installations
 that investigate layers of reality, shadow, reflection, distortion,
I attempt to entice the viewer into a dialogue questioning the
boundaries of what we assume is real. Is a shadow of an object
less real than the object? Using photographic imagery, text,
reflective glass and light, both natural and artificial these pieces
  are mysterious, illusive, and evocative.






  Joyce Roetter

"Ayahuasca Journals", is based on Joyce Roetter's personal
journeys into the Amazon jungles of  Peru. The images
are the first of a series that journal her continued
exploration and relationship with the Ayahuasca plant,
and the Shamanic teachers that are dedicated to its use.
The work is directly connected to "real" experiences that
the artist has had, while seeking knowledge and healing
from a culture that has utilized a "teacher" plant. Joyce
approaches the work from different angles and perspectives,
 as an initiate, explorer, collector, investigator, patient
and documenter. Joyce has been a recipient of  the "Jackson
Pollock - Lee Krasner" Grant for her works in South America.
                       She is a Teacher of Photography at the Santa Fe
Community College.


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