Joyce Roetter


Joyce Roetter's work from the exhibition "Apparition" encompasses the results of diverse, personal experiences from the rain forest jungles of  Peru and the highlands of Guatemala. While studying "Ayahuasca" with Shamans, Joyce created work by hand painting photographs of plants and ritual ceremonies that attempts to share with the viewer the emphasized and heightened awareness of color, light and form she experiences while partaking in the plants psychedelic journey as a means to control limes disease. Joyce teaches photography at the Santa Fe Community College, she has been awarded the "Pollock/Krasner" grant for her works in Peru.

"Apparition" -  "Ayahuasca Journals"

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Hand painted Chromogenic print with mixed media



"Soncco Wasi - 2 AM"

19" x 13 1/2" hand painted Chromogenic Print with Morpho

Hand painted Chromogenic Prints are one of kind, Giclee' Prints of images above untouched are available in two editions of ten. Prices upon request.

"The most recent series of work that I have been producing, "Ayahuasca Journals", is based on my personal journey into the Amazon jungles of  Peru. The images are the first of a series that journal my continued exploration and relationship with the Ayahuasca plant, and the Shamanic teachers that are dedicated to its use. The work is directly connected to "real" experiences that I have had, while seeking knowledge and healing from a culture that has utilized a "teacher" plant. I approach the work from different angles and perspectives, as an initiate, explorer, collector, investigator, patient and documenter. As an artist, my main interest in this investigation has been the plants effect on my experience/perception of reality. Photography has always expanded my notions of what is real and how we engage certain materials to prove a reality to each other (such as forensic photography). Instead of utilizing a botanist's method for documenting specimens, I chose to use photography in a way that expresses my sense of reality. To me, photography can have a direct connection to the real, because the silver crystals on the film produce an image from light reflecting off of a real material surface. I am aware that modern image making methods can annihilate this connection, so I am speaking from a traditional sense.

When ingesting the plants I was on a special diet, which in combination effects brain chemistry. Therefore, I am acutely aware of the enhancing effects the plants have on my perceptions. I chose to use a photographic process that enhances color and a "glow" that I perceived. I added light reflecting material to the surface to emphasis or heighten the awareness of vision being produced by light reflecting off of surfaces. I don't believe it is possible to accurately transmit all the nuances of my experiences, but I do believe that photography allows me to effectively point in a direction that gives the viewer a potential for comprehending an essence.

Ayahuasca - Vine of the Dead, Vine of the Soul; is prepared from segments of a series of vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi), which contains an alkaloid called "telepathine". The vine is boiled with eaves from numerous admixture plants, one being Chacruna. The resulting tea contains powerful hallucinogenic alkaloids. This medicine has been used for millennia in order to enter the sacred supernatural world, to heal, divine and worship.

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