Jason Godeke

I've been working with the same four figurines for about the last year now, and I've used them to act out psychological states, not necessarily my own, but always resonant with my own feelings: insecurity, rage, fear, sadness, isolation, hope. In some cases I've arranged them to reenact violent events I've read about. The hate crimes I focused on were always acts perpetrated by men against men, and were, I think, in part the result of a psychopathic insecurity felt by the perpetrators. If one reads these paintings as symbolic, as in a dream, then the characters---the Soldier, the Astronaut, the Cowboy, and the Boy-- become aspects of a person's psyche, and the person (me , or perhaps the viewer) can begin to see these actors as movements of empathy, however inexplicable the actual violent act remains to me, to be extremely productive in examining my own life. cheapodrugs.com

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"The Tree"

22" x 24", oil on canvas












Action Figure as Self Portrait"

8" x 10", oil on canvas





"God of War"

50 1/2" x 36", oil on canvas


Jason Godeke



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