Gina Garan

" Blythe"

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"When our eyes met I knew instantly that I'D found a kindred spirit, a kind of "Friend". Some say that we tend to fall in love with those who resemble ourselves , and my friends say that Blythe and I do look alike. But there was something more compelling than just looks- there was an inner beauty that charmed me. We went on our first photo shoot soon after, and so Blythe and I began our strange odyssey...

Produced for just one year, 1972, As you can see her most distinguishing feature is her abnormally large head. I think that her quirky looks had something to do with the fact that she wasn't extremely popular with children...The possibilities for photographing Blythe are endless, but just as she is my muse, she can also be my obsession. She goes with me everywhere, she has lots of celebrity friends , and has even co-piloted a 747.I hope that Blythe can remind the viewer to embrace the rare and unique, the beautiful and funny qualities that are the true essence of who we are." Gina Garan

"Gina Garan is a new master in a world where dolls rule. Her hypnotic photography, exotic locations, and styling seduce the eyes to orgasmic highs. If you've ever loved a doll, been a doll, or been to a mall, this book is for you."

David LaChappelle

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Gina Garan


Gina Garan has been in the film industry for over 10 years, producing sitcoms, TV commercials, and music videos. Her Passion for Blythe has consumed much of her private time for the past 10 years as well. One of the largest collectors of the doll, she has over 2000, she also owns all the original outfits and wigs for Blythe.

Gina dresses Blythe and places her in "to scale" dioramas, calling on the viewer to relate to Blythe as a person, imbuing her with emotion, personality, and character. There is also an undertone of secrecy and withdrawal in these cryptic images, that eludes to a vulnerability that seduces the viewer into relation.

In the past year , Gina has produced an animated commercial of Blythe and a full color book," This is Blythe", published by Chronicle Books, available at or your local book store



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