Gary Groves

Photographic Images are available in 3 Limited Editions of 5
8" x 10" Edition of 5
16" x 20" Edition of 5
29" x 44.5" Edition of 5

Price upon request

Influenced by Man Ray, Jean Tingueley, Imogen Cunningham among others, Gary Groves' works incite and alludes to a reality that is at the same time familiar and phantasmal. Blending colorist elements with striking
composition, Gary Groves' works haunt the sub conscience with unforgettable imagery. There is a color catalogue available, please email the gallery for a request.




Untitled Girl's with Guns

















Red Star

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Gary Groves


Gary Groves' photography captures a unique moment of urban society. Primarily self taught Gary engages an array of processes that evokes the viewer into a world of "Hyper Realism". Both his figurative and abstract works are exclusively created in 35 mm format and in limited edition.



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