Deanne Sabeck

" Apparition"

Exploring the pure nature of light. Creating sculptural installations that investigate layers of reality, shadow, reflection, distortion, I attempt to entice the viewer into a dialogue questioning the boundaries of what we assume is real. Is a shadow of an object less real than the object? Using photographic imagery, text, reflective glass and light, both natural and artificial these pieces are mysterious, illusive, and evocative.

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Body Landscape 51

glass,photo transfer,wire,light

"These images reflect the concepts of ONENESS in our universe and the great interplay of masculine and feminine energies, the RASA, the NECTAR of life. It is through our perceptions that we define and categorize the different forms that make up our world. These perceptions can, however, be brought into question when the mind is asked to categorize an image that is visually ambiguous. By casting shadows of plants onto body parts, the images become confusing, less defined and yet more real. The use of light penetrating transparencies in bent glass takes these already ambiguous images into a sculptural form where the play of reflection and shadow interweave throughout the space. Color also plays an integral part in the images. Using the basic palette of earth, fire, water and air the body forms take on another association with these respective elements through association. It is the RASA that is the common thread that weaves it all together."  Deanne Sabeck

Mandala series

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"Mandala 2"

Glass, light and steel

Approx. 18" diameter


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