Robert Mangold

My artistic interest in motion is based upon my knowledge and understanding of macro and microcosmic relationships of time, space, and motion. I am fascinated by nature, the motions of clouds and plants in the air; birds and bugs flying, hopping and crawling; fish swimming, water falling, flowing, freezing, thawing; the sun, moon, planets and stars tied in their dance by kinetic and static energies; and the knowledge of unseen but known motions of microscopic and atomic activities all interrelated in an eternal birth, life, death, and rebirth cycle. I am fascinated by man-made mechanical, quasimechanical and electrochemical time, space, motion as I am by the dynamic and energetic activities of nature. All this constantly colors my personality and affects my ego. I incorporate my deep awareness of the simple nature of complex existence into my understanding of man's efforts and success in controlling nature. The "PTTSAAES" series of sculpture is my best effort to make a simple non-verbal statement about me-us and all that. "PTTSAAES" - Point, Traveling, Through, Space, At, An, Erratic, Speed.







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"Anemotive Kinetic 1992"

20' x 8' x 8',Stainless Steel, 1992


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